Coinbid wallet will be state-of-the art, very secure and easy to use cryptocurrency wallet. You will be able to send, receive and swap ethereum and binance smart chain based tokens on the go. You will have both the web-wallet and mobile wallet. Coinbid wallet will be the main wallet to store your assets once you buy them. You will not need to store your asset on our exchange. We want everyone to have total control of their asset. This wallet will  be the backbone of the whole conbidex ecosystem.

Facilitating trade through BSC and ERC, and set to expand across all available chains, Coinbidex will our decentralized high-speed trading platform. You will be able to buy and sell the cryptocurrency of you choice without the KYC requirement. If you want to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat currency, you will be able to do so with our decentralized exchange and send the fiat currency straight into your wallet. With our wallet, you will have control of your money and on one will freeze your money or lock your money

Buy, Sell and trade crytocurrency in minutes


Build team

Smart contract creation and testing

Road map creation

Fair launch on pancake swap and liquidity locked

Marketing and promotion of coinbidex token

Community building

Total supply

200 000 000 000

Token Name







Binance smart chain

How to buy coinbidex

Step 1

Install trust wallet or meta mask or token pocket on you smart phone and follow the instruction to create your wallet (never share your seed phrase with anyone)

Step 2

Buy your BNB from moonpay. Click on the word moonpay and it will take you to their platform where you will buy your BNB. The BNB will be deposited in the wallet which you created in step 1

Step 3

Now you can buy your Coinbidex from Poocoin exchange by connect your wallet